10 Questions with Carlee Taylor

1.What is your name? Carlee Taylor

2. What is your quest? To be the best I can be and to enjoy where and what I am doing in life. If you do something you love you’re more successful at it no matter what it is. 

3. What is your favourite colour? I don’t discriminate against any colour. I just don’t do red.

4. Carly Simon or Carly Rae Jepsen? Why? Definitely Carly Rae Jepsen because who is Carly Simon?

5. Worst fashion trend you were ever victim to? You remember when it was cool to have your hair tied back super tight with those two pieces of fridge hanging down. I used to even add glitter hair gel. Lucky I was smart enough to never take a photo of this phenomenon 

6. Is the Gold Coast made of Gold? Are there a lot of people named Mel born in Melbourne? Well when you are at the Gold Coast you do feel like you have hit the jackpot…because it’s so awesome….and this is coming from a Radelaidian. We always think Adelaide is the best. Haha and I wish I knew a chick called Mel Born. Actually, I just have to find a guy with the last name Born, move to Melbourne and boom 

7.Weirdest thing you have ever done on a bike.  Wow. That’s hard. I do a lot of weird and random stuff so in my brain weird stuff is normal haha but I did ride over a cliff this year in the Giro and then had to climb back up through the bushes to get back to road level. Never saw that one coming. Also, when I was younger, the guys I used to train with back at home had this thing. When we were tired and had to climb a hill we would put it in a big gear, get out of the saddle and ride pretending we were actually walking. Yea, this doesn’t work FYI! Haha You just go slow. Our theory had numerous flaws and it wasn’t until I got passed by a runner whilst I was riding up a climb that I realised we were idiots.

8. Favourite bike ride/race/and or training route?  Riding along the Costa Brava is pretty awesome. It’s right where I live in Girona and I can never ride and not be loving life. Also the hills of Adelaide. It’s funny how we travel all over the world to train and race our bikes but some of my favourite rides are back at home. I’m lucky I come from a state which is awesome. So maybe I should retract that daughter suggestion.

9. Taylor Swift or Taylor Phinney? Hmmm that’s a hard one. I’m gonna say Taylor Phinney. I think how he came back from injury and the results he has gotten after just coming back is pretty impressive. 

10. Tell us about your best friend/ Person for life…. (Loren?) It’s funny how when people meet us outside of cycling they think we are sisters. She’s tall, I’m…normal height hehe she’s blonde, I’m brown. Our skin colours are completely different, she’s a sprinter, I’m a climber, and on the outside we don’t look a like. But I get how they might think we are sisters. We have a sister like bond. I’ve heard of some horror stories when it comes to getting room mates, but despite the occasions when I’m rugged up like an Eskimo because she is hot in her sports bra and shorts at home, I scored when it comes to finding the perfect roomie. She is my best friend. And we just get each other. She knows I’m bad when it comes to emptying out the water in the sink or organising the hotel, but…. I know she likes steak haha so can make up for it haha really though I’m lucky to live with my best friend. She’s the one with the good advice and most importantly she gets my weird lame jokes. Which means we are normally constantly laughing at random stuff. 



Photography (not the Selfie): Balint Hamvas @cyclephotos