10 Questions with Annette Edmonson

1.What is your name? Nettie 

2. What is your quest? To conquer the world, in a skin-tight suit

3. What is your favourite colour? Pink 

4. Rhyme or Reason?  Whats the reason? -what’s the rhyme?

5. Best prank you have ever played on someone? It wasn’t really a prank but two friends and I dressed up for a ‘sport -themed party’ as badminton players, complete with fake wigs.. We did such a good job not one person recognised us.

6. Most ridiculous thing you have ever done on a bike? Completed a full track warm up with a large balloon under my jersey.

7. First memory of riding a bike? Getting pushed down the hill in Oman by my dad when I was four.

8. Weirdest food combination you have ever eaten? Black tea with honey yogurt two days ago. By accident. It was ok until the chunks at the bottom when the yogurt split. 

9.Favourite foreign language phrase or idiom? “Perché oggi ti faccio mangiare la polvere’ -Italian for “because you will eat my dust today”

10. If you could be a contestant on any game show or in a reality show which one? Why? Gladiator or Survivor. Because I would nail it.

BONUS QUESTION:  silliest face you can make?  (take a picture)