10 ‘essential’ Dutch/Flemish phrases

For the classics season…

ONE: Wie zijn gat verbrand moet op de blaren zitten

Translation: If you burn your hole you must sit on the blisters. Meaning: If you have done something stupid you have to accept the consequences. (this really sounds like a graphic description of saddle sores though.)


TWO: Een held op sokken

Translation: A hero in socks. Meaning: Someone who has a lot to say but doesn’t do anything.( an Armchair pundit….)


THREE: Helaas Pinderkaas

Translation: Unfortunately, peanutbutter (literally, Unfortunately Peanutcheese) Meaning: A missed chance, informal regret.


FOUR: Het regend pijpen stelen

Translation: It rains steel pipes. Meaning: It’s raining like super crazy hard.


FIVE: Chase Patat

Translation: Chasing Potatoes. Meaning: Like that time when you try to chase down the break and fail to and end up back in the peloton.


SIX: Ik zal ze een poepie laten ruiken

Translation: I shall let them smell a poopy. Meaning: “ I will show them how it’s done” (Trying to impress someone… not really sure who the target audience is that gets impressed by excrement smells….)


SEVEN: Het is a…als of er ‘n engel op m’n tong pist

Translation: It’s as though an angel is biking over my tongue. Meaning: It taste’s really damn good. But maybe those Eurosport commentators can work this in…



EIGHT: Hoe hoger de sok hoe harder de snok

Translation: The higher the sock the harder the punch. Meaning: the higher the stakes, the higher the reward, or the more of an asshole they are , the harder you hit them. So… you riders in super long socks… watch out?


NINE: Het loopt in de soep

Translation: It walked in the soup. Meaning: If the plan doesn’t work out. Which, lets be fair is the case for most teams and riders, every race.


TEN: Hij heeft er geen kaas van gegeten

Translation: He hasn’t eaten any cheese from there. Meaning: He doesn’t know anything about it. Why? Because we needed more references to cheese. No explanation given.



Special thanks to George Bennett and Dennis Van Winden for help with this post.


One thought on “10 ‘essential’ Dutch/Flemish phrases

  1. “Het is alsof er ‘n engel op m’n tong pist.”

    “Pissen” is not biking. It’s urinating. It tasts like an angel pissing on my tongue. (Apparently that is really nice)

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